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Victoria - Dandenong


Chisholm Institute of TAFE, 121 Stud Road Dandenong, Victoria

Chisholm Institute of TAFE (Chisholm) in Dandenong is yet another tertiary institution taking up the benefits that electronic T5 lighting combined with Save-It-Easy® adaptors deliver: lower energy costs, better more consistent lighting, quick and easy installation, no mess and no flicker. With help from our distributor Kent Hutchins, Chisholm has achieved significant savings in energy and measured those savings for themselves. A Case Study will be soon published - in the interim - here are some photos from the installation.


Chisholm Institute of TAFE is located at 121 Stud Road Dandenong.

The main Chisholm building complex at the Dandenong location.

Another view of the Chisholm complex - each storey was upgraded and a variety of luminaires were encountered.

The hallway adjacent to the library - with its own type of luminaires.

Chisholm's luminaires were all fitted with diffusers. Here two electronic T5 lamps using Save-It-Easy® sit in the luminaire awaiting diffuser replacement.

This luminaire has been upgraded and it's difficult to spot the T5 lamps fitted with Save-It-Easy® adaptors from this distance!

The same fitting close up with camera zoom on - here the Save-It-Easy® adaptors are more visible when high contrast is applied.

A close up of a different single lamp luminaire - here the Save-It-Easy® adaptor is just visible under high contrast conditions.

As with any upgrade there may always be some waste generated. Here cardboard waste from Sylvania T5 lamps is bundled up ready to be recycled.

The extent of the upgrade also meant that large quantities of old T8 lamps accumulated - the lamps were bundled up for recycling

Old starters form an interesting bundle of waste - also destined for recycling.

Chisholm's Property & Environmental Services Officer, James Keenan (LEFT) alongside our fitters Matt & Jamahl.


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