ecoBright® ecobulb® Compact Fluorescent Lamp products





ecobulb® 96mm

15W Downlight kit

Includes 4-Pin 3000K

Warm White CFL lamp

(Boxes of 20)

15W = 50W Halogen

Advanced 4-Pin Nano CFL

Downlight kit to fit

80mm inner cut-outs

and an outer of 116mm

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ecobulb® 4-Pin 15W replacement lamp

for Downlight kits

(Boxes of 10 or 40)

Installs in ecobulb® 15W

Downlight kit

Advanced 4-Pin Nano CFL

replacement lamp for 2nd generation ecobulb® Downlight kits

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ecobulb® 2-Pin 15W replacement lamp

for first generation

Downlight kits

(Boxes of 10 or 40)

Installs in ecobulb® 15W 1st Generation Downlight kits

2-Pin Nano CFL replacement lamp for 1st generation ecobulb® Downlight kits

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ecobulb® 12V 15W

CFL MR16 Halogen replacement lamp

Retrofit into existing MR16

Halogen fittings

(Boxes of 50)

15W = 50W Halogen

Advanced MR16 compatible  Nano CFL Downlight to fit MR16 GU5.3 bases

and a product length of 105mm

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ecobulb® 13W CFL

Covered Bulb

Traditional looking CFL bulbs

(Boxes of 40)

13W = 60W

Incandescent Lamp light equivalent,  traditional design Nano CFL lamps

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8, 12, 15 & 20W CFL

Spiral Bulb range

Equivalent to 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W   of incandescent light

(Boxes of 40)

8W = 40W

12W = 60W

15W = 75W

20W = 100W

Incandescent Lamp light equivalent.

Spiral type Nano CFL lamps

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ecobulb® 60W CFL

Spiral Bulb

(Boxes of 10)

60W equivalent to:

Metal Halide 70-100W

Sodium Vapour 70-100W

Mercury Vapour 80-125W

Spiral type Nano CFL lamp with

E27 & B22 bases

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1. ecobulb® products are covered by a 2 Year Warranty for Domestic use and 1 year for Commercial use.

2. ecobulb® Lamp Colour temperatures in degrees Kelvin - 2700°K = Warm White,  3000°K = Warm White  &  6500°K = Daylight. Daylight (6500°K) is available for all bulbs, but minimum quantities apply as this colour

  is not always available ex stock - please call your local ecoBright office to confirm availability.

3. ecobulb® Lamp bases - B22 = Bayonet base  &  E27 = Edison Screw base



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